IRES Application

  • Household customers - from poor villages (1kW) to high end customers (10kW or more). Standalone units to taking advantages of the feed-in tariff into the grid as a profit making venture.
  • Small Business Owners to Buildings, Industries, Warehouse, Quarries, Mining etc. who demands power supply from 10kW to 1MW or so.
  • Island, community, township etc. from 1MW to 30MW.
  • Public Infrastructures – airports, ports, telecommunications towers, satellite receivers etc. from 500kW to 10MW.
  • Mobile unit for military usage, power on demand, outdoor events etc. from 10kW to 500kW or more.
  • Power Plants - 10MW to 200MW or more.

All the above commercial application is highly viable as it requires minimum funding with credit lines made available. Because it is RE incentives, grants and other endowment makes it highly sought after.