About IRES

IRES Technology is a systems integration of having the advantage of using a combination of leading cutting edge technology, independent by nature to adopt the best-of-the-best industry’s products and support services in designing a holistic Renewable Energy solution.

IRES Technology is powered by solar using 2nd generation holographic PVC plastic material embedded with crystalline silicone PV cells. It can produce 3 times more electricity (750watts to 1.3kW) and cost only 1/3 conventional PV price. Electricity generated by solar is passed through 2 interchange. The first interchange by passes an Inverter and outputs electricity to the load and the second is connected to a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Regenerative Fuel Cell that generates 99.99% hydrogen purity that is compressed and stored into hydrogen storage tanks. Stored hydrogen is energy on demand to be used during the night when solar power cannot be generated. Stored hydrogen is used as a fuel to powered electric generator to generate the required electricity at night or when in demand.

As a whole IRES Technology produces clean, zero emission and zero fuel cost and is a reliable power source that can generate 24hours a day and 365 days of uninterrupted power supply. It requires less monitoring as it is highly automated with added intelligent switching system for load increases, power capacitors, power auditors to monitor high and low peak, faulty reporting and etc.

IRES system is engineered to meet any load requirement from 5kW for household, to 1MW commercial/industrial applications or over 100MW power plants. Its parallel and multiple components is a test against defaults or total blackout situations. It can be stand alone or grid connected. Highly suitable for remote areas, islands, offshore oil rings and even ships. Because of its sound proof, zero emission or discharge it could also be used for military application. All components carry a warranty period of 5 to 10 years with a lifespan between 10 or 20 years.

This does not make it less competitive in terms of durability as its function has served the propose making it price competitive Vs. Return on Investment. All products are in accordance to American and EEC standards that are also IEEE certified. In conclusion IRES Technology is positioning itself for the next phase of Hydrogen Economy to come replacing current hydrocarbon economy.